Editorial Team


  1. Pei Wang, Temple University, United States
  2. Kai-Uwe Kühnberger

Section Editors

  1. Pei Wang, Temple University, United States
  2. Wlodzislaw Duch, Department of Informatics, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland
  3. Jose Hernandez-Orallo, Spain
  4. Pascal Hitzler, Kno.e.sis Center, Wright State University
  5. Giovanni Pezzulo, Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, National Research Council of Italy, Italy
  6. Dr. Moshe Looks, Google Research, United States
  7. Florin Popescu, Fraunhofer Institute, Germany
  8. Ute Schmid, University of Bamberg Faculty Information Systems and Applied Computer Science, Cognitive Systems Group, Germany
  9. Ben Goertzel
  10. Tsvi Achler
  11. Kai-Uwe Kühnberger
  12. Randal Koene
  13. Christian Lebiere
  14. Brandon Rohrer
  15. Jürgen Schmidhuber
  16. Professor Leslie Smith, University of Stirling
  17. Marcus Hutter
  18. Joscha Bach, MIT Media Lab, Germany
  19. Jim Marshall, Sarah Lawrence College, United States
  20. Prof. Paul S. Rosenbloom, University of Southern California, United States
  21. Dr. Prof. Kristinn R Thorisson, Iceland
  22. Dr Laurent Orseau, Google DeepMind, London, France
  23. Mr. Tarek R. Besold, Alpha Health AI Lab
  24. Haris Dindo, Department of Computer Science Engineering (DICGIM) Viale delle Scienze, Ed. 6 University of Palermo, Italy, Italy
  25. Agust Hlynur Holmgeirsson, Iceland
  26. Claes Strannegård, Sweden
  27. Stan Franklin, University of Memphis
  28. Dr Alexey Potapov, SingularityNET, Russian Federation
  29. Stacy Marsella
  30. Javier Snaider, United States
  31. Daniel L. Silver, Acadia University
  32. Farshad Badie, Denmark
  33. Prof. Dr. Dagmar Monett, Berlin School of Economics and Law, Germany